Appeal Of Review

1.Definition of review of marks

Review of marks includes a re-evaluation of answer scripts and re-checking of the marks recorded by the Examiners to ensure there are no mistakes in the addition of marks and no part of an answer submitted by a candidate has been omitted.

2.How to appeal for review of examination course(s) results?

  • Any student who is not satisfied with the grades of an examination may appeal for a review.

  • Appeals for a review of examination results can be made by submitting the application through UTAR Portal.

  • The procedure for submission of online application for appeal for review of examination results is as follows:

(*Once students have submitted their appeal for review of unit examination results via On-line and fully paid the fees, neither withdrawal nor refunding of fees will be entertained. The fee for the review of unit examination results shall be refunded to the student if the appeal is successful. In the event where the appeal is rejected, the fee shall be forfeited.)