1.Introduction (UTAR Blockchain Certificate)

Blockchain technology is an emerging technology in protecting the certificates issued. Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed database stored with encrypted entries. The University has started issuing the digital certificates on blockchain in March 2018 with the aim to set a secure, verifiable, accessible, distributed, immutable and sustainable education database information. The Blockchain is storing the digital certificates throughout lifetime without any centralise database. Information stored within the block is more distributed and encrypted, making each block tamper-proof. Thus, the information is secured and at the same time easily accessed by all the parties. UTAR is one of the first few universities in Asia, if not the world, to implement this Blockchain technology for university certificates in 2018. 

In addition to getting a physical certificate, all graduates will also be getting a UTAR Blockchain Certificate (a PDF copy of the certificate that is used in the blockchain). The UTAR Blockchain Certificate can be used to verify the authenticity of the certificate issued by the University. The UTAR Blockchain Certificate is issued to the graduate after the convocation ceremony. Only the Blockchain Certificate issued by the University can be used in the verification through blockchain.

2.How to verify a UTAR Blockchain Certificate?

The verification of UTAR Blockchain Certificate can be carried out at URL http://ismartcert.com. A QR code is provided in the UTAR Blockchain Certificate (page 3) for easier access to the verification website by scanning the code. Once accessed to the verification website, upload the UTAR Blockchain Certificate by clicking the “Upload certificate to verify” button and then selecting the UTAR Blockchain Certificate. By selecting the Certificate, the system will attempt to verify the Certificate. 

Please take note that an unsuccessful verification of the Certificate may be caused by the uploaded Certificate is not the original issued by the University. Any amendments in the content of the UTAR Blockchain Certificate issued by the University or uploading of scanned physical copy of the certificate by the graduate will result the verification to be unsuccessful. Kindly contact Division of Examination and Awards, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman for further information regarding the certificate.