QR Code on Certificate

Implementation of QR Code on Certificate 

In the effort to protect the certificates issued, the University has started issuing UTAR Blockchain Certificate for digital copy of certificate in March 2018. With blockchain distributed and encrypted protection, only the digital copy of certificate issued can be verified as original digital copy.

In order to further strengthen the protection of the certificate issued by the University against certificate fraud, particularly the physical certificate, QR codes has been introduced on the certificate effective from August 2019.

The necessary data required for verification of the certificate is encrypted in the QR code. By scanning the QR code on the certificate, the certificate can be verified via Certificate Verification portal at certs.utar.edu.my.

By introducing QR code on the certificate, it will ease the verification process by external parties. Certificate issued can be verified in a quick and convenient way at any point of time. 

The key information will be displayed at the verification portal for a valid QR code and thus, comparison between the information displayed on the portal and the certificate can be carried out:


For any unsuccessful verification of the certificate, kindly contact Division of Examination and Awards, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman for further clarification.